Eva has been at the forefront of iconic brand transformation since 2001.

In 2007, after working at Ogilvy & Mather / BIG and consulting with other communication offices, she opened Oneness, a new and truly original think tank and design group, bringing conscious branding to market. Since that time, Eva has developed strategic thinking and design for cutting edge people and their innovative brands, inviting her clients into an evolving collective consciousness that values compassion and mission, while also delivering tangible value to all stakeholders. A business strategist and brand visionary, Eva has helped organizations become mindful of their actions and the experiences they create since 2001. 

On the ground, Eva helps her clients gain the tools they need to shift and expand internally while galvanizing their diverse audiences. She brings her unique perspective to help brands intersect with their critical stakeholders while strengthening their social and commercial relevance. With a broad range of go-to-market experience, Eva has worked with blue chip, start-up and emerging brands and is an expert on Millennials and Moms.

Her awakening to the idea that business could change the world began after positioning some of the largest food companies in the world over ten years ago. Highly sensitive, Eva became very sick and disconnected, and questioned the very nature of her work as a strategic planner. After the crash in 2008, she began practicing yoga, qigong and meditation daily to reconnect with herself, and heal a lifelong chronic illness that nearly killed her in her teens. This time of going inward unveiled our inherent connection to all life and finding ease in just being. Motherhood brought another wave of awakening and inspires her to pay closer attention to all the ways we can take care of one another. 

Eva graduated from Parsons School of Design at The New School where she received her BBA in Design + Management with a focus on communication design. Practicing yoga for over twenty years, She and her family split their time between New York City and the North Fork of Long Island.

LAUREL DONNELLAN, Business Transformation

Laurel Donnellan is an author, coach and consultant helping people align the head and the heart for over 20 years. She leads clients through a process to solve complex personal and professional problems by creating a positive mindset, expanding their vision and developing strategic solutions. Laurel’s approach to transformation is informed by Yoga, Positive Psychology and a broad study of spiritual paths including Native American ceremonies. She embraced Yoga and Meditation 25 years ago to support her personal commitment to overcoming addictions.

Laurel is the co-author of Talking Yoga’s Compassionate Coaching Framework which merges the best practices of coaching with yoga techniques. Her workshops have been featured on NPR and she has written several books including Born to Do: The Practical Guide to Loving Your Work. Before joining Talking Yoga as Co-Founder, she was the CEO of Bright Livelihoods where she developed its evidence-based coach certification program and leadership training. Previously, she was the HR executive on a start-up team that built and sold a company for $150 million. Laurel has been helping people of all ages reconnect with their dreams. Her clients have included EDs, CEOs, yoga teachers, coaches, entrepreneurs, artists, and executives at MTV Networks, Facebook, JP Morgan Chase, IBM and Leo Burnett.

ERIKA ROSE SANTORO, Business Transformation

As Alicia Keys’ business partner for 18 years, Erika was instrumental in the development and creative endeavors of the artist. Prior to joining Keys on the business side in 2001 on her Management Team, Erika co-penned the hit single “A Woman’s Worth” off of Alicia’s first studio album. An invaluable, hands-on leader, Erika successfully helped shape the 15-time Grammy®- winning musician’s impressive répertoire. Her skill in artistic management spanned every facet of Keys’ career— from creative conception of new albums to world tours, film and stage production, as well as the philanthropic initiatives she co-founded; Keep A Child Alive and The We Are Here Movement.

Erika is a Certified Holistic Health Coach via the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, a Clairvoyant Practitioner, and a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher. In 2012, she matriculated through the Institute of Modern Wisdom, Modern Day Priestess® program, and her life forever changed. Feelings of being “different” and alone melted away. By way of the masterfully designed course of deep study, practice, and community support, she was able to remember Truths – that we are indeed all One – awakening that part of her which had forgotten, and fostering deep peace.

Erika supports Oneness with conscious business strategy and Friends At Work with artistic management. Married and a mother, Erika lives in upstate NY on a homestead apothecary and farm, Rooted and Wild, where along with husband, David, they host chef’s table dinners, yoga + wellness retreats, workshops and training for youth, women, and couples.


Surale Phillips has served the nonprofit arts and cultural sector for more than 20 years with qualitative and quantitative research. She specializes in building organizational capacity, audience development, community engagement, needs assessment and program evaluation. Her research has been the foundation for projects supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, Wallace Foundation, James Irvine Foundation, Knight Foundation, Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, Surdna Foundation, community foundations, and municipalities engaged in creative placemaking and cultural planning. Surale’s client list of more than 100 nonprofits from coast to coast includes national, state, regional and local arts agencies, municipalities, performing arts presenters and producers, festivals, museums, public art projects, university arts presenters, and schools of art and design.

In addition to her consulting projects, Surale leads workshops and training programs. Notable engagements have included Americans for the Arts National Convention, National Arts Marketing Project, SouthArts Performing Arts Exchange, Latino Memphis Congreso, Convening Culture Florida, Pennsylvania Governor’s Arts Awards, Southeastern Council of Foundations, National Mainstreet Center, Midwest Council on Philanthropy, San Diego Commission on Cultural Affairs, Dance USA, and the American Folklore Society. Surale supports Oneness with professional research customized to best address the intention of each client and project.


Bethany Saltman is devoted to the life of big ideas and the people who dream them. She brings over twenty years of expert wordsmithing, Zen practice and training, internationally recognized research, and a whole lot of spidey-sense to those who wish to align their inner mission, values, brand, goals—their essence—and their outward identity. She understands that the most powerful ideas are authentic ideas. So her work helps leaders and thinkers find their truth and speak in their own voice—building a bridge between aspiration and audience.

Over the years, Bethany has supported award-winning designers, CEOs, New York Times bestsellers, boards, and entrepreneurs through Inner and Outer Consulting, a boutique communications firm she founded in 2016. She is also a professional writer whose book on attachment theory will be published by Random House in 2018.