ONENESS was created to support honorable businesses that understand the implications of their actions and strive for a quadruple bottom line. All of our work begins with cultivating clarity and harmony. We help organizations, their talent and brands build stronger foundations to transform their long-term business strategies and evolve how they communicate, to uplift and awaken humanity.

It all starts with a real partnership with our clients. We then deconstruct the fundamental force that drives their business. We do this by combining perceptive research (qualitative, quantitative) and all sorts of experts. This broad evaluation gives us a comprehensive understanding that informs how we shape organizations that transform culture and the way we live.

Engaging these strategies is what sets us apart. Influenced by the insights our planners illuminate, we create magnetic visual languages and touchpoints that bring our clients to life. Ultimately, our greatest intention rests upon creating visionary experiences that unite us, increase our wellbeing, and help us take better care of our world.


"19% of U.S. millennials believe other people can be trusted." ~Pew Research Center

"Distrust is self-destructive: it leads to a decline in community bonds and an increase in cynicism. It ends up isolating people, making them lonelier and corroding their wellbeing. Decline in social trust correlates with the rising epidemic of loneliness – particularly marked in the Anglo-Saxon world. Today, 40% of Americans report that they are lonely."  ~Thierry Malleret, economist

"In 2015, 94% of millennials reported making personal improvement commitments (compared with 84% of Boomers and 81% of Gen Xers)....Boomers said they’d spend an average of $152 a month on self- improvement, Millennials anticipated spending nearly twice that—though our average income is half as much...strategies range from new workout regimes and diet plans to life coaching, therapy and apps designed to improve wellbeing.”  ~Forbes