It's time for us to transform our world. To help more people start living in the NOW Age. And to do so with integrity. 

As business leaders, we must take ownership of the state of our collective consciousness and the planet. For our own sake and that of all the coming generations. The Native Americans were always right. It's time to wake up and make decisions for the long-term, especially in business since our actions have such vast global reach and can make an incredible impact.

"The Peacemaker taught us about the Seven Generations. He said, when you sit in council for the welfare of the people, you must not think of yourself or of your family, not even of your generation. He said, make your decisions on behalf of the seven generations coming, so that they may enjoy what you have today."  ~Chief Oren Lyons, Faithkeeper of the Turtle Clan of the Seneca Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy

ONENESS was created to support honorable businesses that understand the implications of their actions and strive for a triple bottom line. All our work starts with cultivating clarity and harmony from the start. We help organizations and brands build stronger foundations to transform their long-term business strategies and evolve how they communicate, to uplift and awaken humanity.

It all starts with a real partnership with our clients. We then deconstruct the fundamental force that drives their business. We do this by combining perceptive research (qualitative, quantitative) and all sorts of experts. This broad evaluation gives us a comprehensive understanding that informs how we shape organizations that transform culture and the way we live.

Engaging these strategies is what sets us apart. Influenced by the insights our planners illuminate, we create magnetic visual languages and touchpoints that bring our clients to life. Ultimately, our greatest intention rests upon creating visionary experiences that unite us, increase our wellbeing, and help us take better care of our world.



Eva is a strategic planner and design strategist who helps brands become more conscious of their actions and the experiences they create. Her work gives brands the tools they need to shift and expand internally while galvanizing their diverse audiences. Eva brings her unique perspective to help brands intersect with their critical stakeholders to strengthen their social and commercial relevance. 

Eva founded Oneness LLC in 2007 on the belief that brands can do more than challenge conventions - that brands have the power to shape culture with inspiration and compassion while also delivering tangible value to stakeholders.

With a broad range of go-to-market experience, Eva has worked with blue chip, start-up and emerging brands. Her approach is informed by her multi-dimensional experience that includes strategic planning, design strategy, digitalstrategy and marketing execution.  Since 2012, Eva has become an expert on Millennials and Moms, particularly expecting Moms and new Moms.

Prior to founding Oneness, Eva was a brand strategist in the Brand Innovation Group (BIG) at Ogilvy & Mather and a fashion buyer for brands such as Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs for Carol Mitchell in Washington, D.C.. Eva graduated from Parsons School of Design at The New School where she received her BBA in Design + Management.

ERIKA ROSE SANTORO, Business Transformation

As Alicia Keys’s business partner for 18 years, Erika was instrumental in the development and creative endeavors of the artist. Prior to joining Keys on the business side in 2001 as Road Manager, Erika co-penned the hit single “A Woman’s Worth” off of Alicia’s first studio album. An invaluable, hands-on leader, Erika successfully helped shape the 15-time Grammy®- winning musician’s impressive répertoire. Her skill in artistic management spans every facet of Keys’s career— from creative conception of new albums to world tours, film and stage production, as well as the philanthropic initiatives she co-founded; Keep A Child Alive and The We Are Here Movement.

Erika is a Certified Holistic Health Coach via the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, a Clairvoyant Practitioner, and a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher. In 2012, she matriculated through the Institute of Modern Wisdom, Modern Day Priestess® program, and her life forever changed. Feelings of being “different” and alone melted away. By way of the masterfully designed course of deep study, practice, and community support, she was able to remember Truths – that we are indeed all One – awakening that part of her which had forgotten, and fostering deep peace.

Erika supports Oneness with conscious business strategy and Friends At Work with artistic management. Married and a mother, Erika lives in upstate NY on a homestead apothecary and farm, Rooted and Wild, where along with husband, David, they host chef’s table dinners, yoga + wellness retreats, workshops and training for youth, women, and couples.

NIC TAYLOR / THUNDERWING, Creative Direction Design

Nic is the founder and principal of Thunderwing, a Los Angeles-based creative studio that collaborates with partners in the fashion, technology, art, music, spirits, food, health and hospitality industries, and authors their own content and products. Channeling his passion for communication, typography and creative collaboration into everything he does, Nic brings a broad skill set to the creative process. He is obsessed with developing thorough and evocative ideas that result in relevant and original experiences. Prior to Thunderwing, he worked at RCA Records, Eric Baker Design Associates, Chermayeff & Geismar, Publicis Groupe, Regan Books, and Grey / G2, on branding, packaging, exhibitions, advertising and book design.

He has written and art directed international ad campaigns, and learned the art of setting metal type by hand in his letterpress studio. For Nic, good design should be present from big ideas through to fine craftsmanship. He has taught typography and graphic design at the School of Visual Arts in New York for 9 years, and currently at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena. He has received numerous industry awards, but is most honored by the respect of his colleagues, hard work from his students, and the satisfaction of his clients.

MICHAEL SENDROW, Creative Director Copy

Michael is committed to helping values-led organizations clarify their vision and operate with even greater integrity. Having executed and delivered large-scale innovation and service-design projects, he approaches copy and communications as much a means to create and grow businesses as an end to express them.

Prior to partnering with Oneness, Michael produced global client engagements at ?What If! Innovation and built and managed its in-house design, production, and editorial divisions. He has also worked with progressive agencies like BBMG, Tag Collective, and Openbox to develop new sustainable brands, social movements, and digital properties.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, he founded Seattle-based Shunpike — a nonprofit that advises, supports, and advocates for artists throughout the Pacific Northwest region. Now, living and working in New York City, he divides his free time between personal writing projects and pursing a master’s in psychoanalysis at NYGSP.


Dash started her career as a strategic planner at Ogilvy & Mather where she worked on a wide array of brands including UPS, Chanel, and S.Pellegrino. She served as Marketing Director at Diamond Foundry, a tech startup in the diamond industry (a strange, yet intriguing proposition to be sure), before transitioning into a freelance role consulting for agencies including BrainReserve and Collins. She graduated with a degree in English and French from Emory and in her free time likes to read cookbooks, meditate, and surf Instagram for pictures of the adorable and remarkably well-dressed dogs of New York.